Posterscope USA and Green Mountain NRG Successfully Recycle Billboard Materials for OOH Campaign
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Posterscope USA worked with renewable energy company, Green Mountain NRG, to develop an Out-of-Home campaign to ensure that materials that were recently used for a billboard campaign in Texas, did not go to waste.

By converting the vinyl materials used on ten billboards to create new products and completing a sustainable and ‘zero waste’ campaign, this Out-of-Home campaign promoted both renewable and green energy initiatives.

“Green Mountain is a great example of a company doing more than just talking about sustainable living, but rather doing something about it,” said Jeff Tan, VP Strategy, Posterscope. “Our Outdoor Consumer Survey reveals that 72% of our target audience wants to recycle as much as possible, and believe that the companies they buy from wants to recycle as much as possible, and believe that the companies they buy from need to have a clean environmental record. We were able to satisfy this consumer need and help Green Mountain walk the walk.”

The campaign was designed to raise awareness of a local environment issue, as well as Green Mountain NRG’s eco-friendly, renewable initiatives. With the help of Posterscope’s Modern Art department, the vinyl materials from the ten static bulletins were successfully repurposed to create new products.

“Modern Art recycles hundreds of retired vinyl billboards,” said Cecily Lister, SVP Modern Art, Posterscope.  “NRG was thrilled to be able to repurpose their vinyl to create new products. They loved being able to convey their brand message with OOH while living their brands’ core values by repurposing their billboard executions. NRG used their retired vinyls to make useable products like tote bags and tablet cases thus reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainable living,” Cecily added.

Pictured below is one of the products that was produced from the retired bulletin: a tote bag.

IMG_0358         IMG_0361

The NRG campaign ran in Dallas and Houston this past year from June to October. Out of the 10 static bulletin vinyls that were recycled, 1,000 tote bags and 20 laptop sleeves were produced and distributed as holiday gifts to customers and employees.

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