Posterscope Generates Experiential OOH Campaign for Red Bull Art of Can
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Posterscope generated an experiential OOH campaign that served as a platform for Red Bull’s Art of Can nationwide creative competition that Dilworth Park hosted in Philadelphia, PA. The creative competition as well as the OOH campaign, ran from October 1st-8th of the 2015 year.

Red Bull Art of Can showcased what a creative mind can do with a body of a Red Bull can. Imagery, highlights artwork pieces submitted by consumers all around the U.S.

The EABU partnered with Dilworth Park to bring Red Bull Art of Can to life in the city of Philadelphia. With this partnership, Posterscope was able to incorporate both digital and experiential elements to the campaign. 3D mapping projections turned City Hall into one giant Art of Can piece for the entire week.

Media Objective:

Posterscope looked to drive share-ability, generate awareness, reach and excitement for the Red Bull Art of Can festival campaign. We wanted to get consumers excited and trust that Red Bull showcased the best and rising artists in the nation, as well as push innovation and gain media attention.

Media Challenge:

One of the main challenges for Posterscope with this campaign, was to show how Red Bull Art of Can is more than just a can, and provide a different, unique meaning to the commitment of how Red Bull gives people wings.



In order to master this challenge, we targeted a gender agnostic audience, who are avid music and art lovers, and are socially engaged with a digital footprint.

We utilized a range of elements to make our objective a success:

1. Physical Art: Those that participated in the Red Bull Art of Can contest abided by the creative restrictions of simply using the Red Bull Can as their primary source of material. The art pieces that were produced from the contest were placed throughout Dilworth Park, creating its own outdoor museum special to Red Bull.

2. Interactivity: Interactive digital art installations, projections and murals were installed and incorporated in the weeklong campaign. We also encouraged consumers to tweet “#ArtofCan” throughout the festival.

3. Technology: We took advantage of, both double-faced digital screens and static double-faced billboards to generate noise about the festival.

All of these formats helped us engage consumers to get involved and participate.


To see all of the artwork produced from Red Bull Art of Can, visit:

To learn more about the creative competition and campaign, watch:

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