Case Study: VisitScotland and United Vacations bring the magic of Scotland to New York commuters in real-time.
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Live this week: LinkNYC screens around Penn station (major hub into the city and Newark Airport) will feature a rotation of vibrant images showcasing the beauty, history and landscape of Scotland with each creative automatically triggered by it’s own set of logic.

Across the campaign:
– Creative reflects on the Super Bowl, references Valentine’s day and a ‘pay day message’ is triggered in the city.
– Morning commute imagery visualizes escaping the trials of the day ahead.
– Lunch time dishes up some of the local cuisine you might sample.
– When temperatures dip, the screens automatically serve up a warm and welcoming glass of Scotch.
– Sundown in Manhattan triggers picturesque views of the Highland’s ‘Northern Light’s and the Edinburgh castle lights up.

To drive urgency on the arterial route to Newark airport, digital billboards will display a live countdown to the next flight departing from Newark to Scotland with United Vacations.

“This is an innovative campaign with some clever creative executions alongside real time messaging” says Helen Campbell, Head of Global Brand & Marketing Communications at VisitScotland “We hope this will capture some of the spirit of Scotland and inspire the New York audience to plan and book a visit to Scotland.”

Michael Hart, Creative Director of the Union Advertising Agency in Edinburgh adds “This OOH campaign was a fantastic opportunity to bring the Spirit of Scotland campaign alive in the minds of our American audience with enhanced engagement and topicality. The executions responded to weather conditions, days of the week, locations and notable calendar events to create work that was fresh, fun and of the moment – no matter what that moment might be.”

The campaign (which marks Posterscope’s first dynamic campaign on the LinkNYC network), launched yesterday and runs until March 5th.


With special thanks to VisitScotland, United, Vizeum, Outfront Media and Intersection.

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